Cimtas Group is a leading provider of integrated engineering, procurement, welded fabrication, assembly and installation solutions to top-tier global customers. ?imta? has the vision to be the one-stop, best-in-class and preferred partner of demanding projects in the fossil, nuclear and renewable power, oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Incorporated in 1973 as a fully owned subsidiary of Enka, Cimtas Group consists of 7 fabrication shops, six in Turkey and one in China with an aggregated annual fabrication capacity of 100,000 tons.

Cimtas Group leads and effectively implements advanced technologies and business applications.

Cimtas Group is financially successful and stable, and can sustain investments towards maintaining its technological leadership.

Cimtas Group, with its large capacity, unique capabilities, varied scope of activities and rich customer portfolio, can readily switch and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

Cimtas Group is customer-centric, with excellent references from the most reputable companies of the world; and, exports engineered products to four continents.

Cimtas Group is geared to create value for its customers with high skill, top quality, large capacity, integrated scope and on-time delivery at the least total cost.

To remain competitive and maintain satisfactory margins, Cimtas continuously creates, re-engineers, digitizes and improves its business processes and aims for higher added value markets, products and businesses.

Cimtas offers multi-discipline career opportunities in sales, marketing, business/product development, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, welding, quality, finance, human resources, IT&S, project management and general management fields at various domestic and overseas subsidiaries and worksites.

Cimtas promotes both teamwork and individual performance and provides a cordial, competitive, challenging and decentralized working environment for all employees.

Cimtas attaches great importance to integrity, leadership, self-motivation, energy and loyalty, and provides continuous training and professional advancement opportunities to all its employees.

At Cimtas, all employees are seen as members of a big family.

Zhejiang ICP No. 05089752-1
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