CIMTAS Ningbo is a market-leading, fully-owned Chinese subsidiary of CIMTAS, providing process & OEM piping systems, modularization, skid-mounted process assemblies, pressurized equipment and quick disconnect clamp assemblies to power, oil & gas, process and chemicals industries, with a global vision to be the-best-in-class. The strengths of CIMTAS Ningbo are unequivocal priority on safety, focus on employee engagement, excellence in customer satisfaction, world-class quality, on-time delivery, short cycle times and continuous improvement using the lean methodology. 

CIMTAS Ningbo is located at the Ningbo Free Trade Zone, walking distance from the Ningbo Beilun port, which is the second largest deep-sea port in China.   


In 2019, CIMTAS Ningbo will move to its new purpose-built facility at the Ningbo Free Trade Zone. Constructed on 55,000 sqm of land, this greenfield investment will enable CIMTAS Ningbo to increase the depth and breadth of its product portfolio into power, boiler and plant piping as well as modularization and skids for additional metallurgies, sizes and industries.

Zhejiang ICP No. 05089752-1
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