CIMTAS Ningbo’s ASME, PED, SELO (Gc1) , EN 1090-1/2 and ISO 3834-2 qualified welders are experts in GTAW Manual , GTAW Semi Automatic, GTAW Orbital , GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, SAW methods for all types of carbon steel, stainless steel and exotic P11, P22, P91, P92 materials, including different types of heat treatment methods for complex geometries with 2 Heat Treatment Furnaces , Local Heat treatment applications and induction heat treatment applications. Cimtas Ningbo has Automation welding ability up to 60” and 30kN rotating moment.  Cimtas group has  prepared 5,950 WPSs , 2,350 PQRs in library. CIMTAS Ningbo maintains ASME “U”, “S” and “PP” code welding stamps.

CIMTAS Ningbo has outfitted each welding station with bulk gas headers and have an in-house bulk gas blending system.


Welder Training Center
CIMTAS Ningbo’s welders are trained at the in-house  welder training center parallel to the welding procedures in theory and practice. Each welder passes 36 theoretical trainings after practically qualified. Welders receive update trainings every year 25 hours per welder periodically.


Zhejiang ICP No. 05089752-1
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